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With Bali being one of the top tourist destinations in the world, the property market shows a world class year on year growth.

With prices mainly driven by short term rentals like Airbnb, past yearly ROI showing
rentals 12-20%, villa developments 30-50% and specific land investments 2-10x over time.

All depending on the area, management, timing and nearby big impact projects.

We don’t give investment advice, only show potential based on experience. Please do your own research.

Two ways to find the right land.

The hard way

  • Searching and dealing with multiple sources and people, before finally getting an overall view of the options.
  • Viewing plot after plot, hoping to find the right match.
  • Waiting to collect all relevant info to make your decision.

Many clients contact us after having viewed over 50 plots, without deciding. Wasting both time and effort.

The easy way

  • What if you only have to view a few land-options really matching your project?
  • How much time and effort will you save? As well as advancing your ROI?

For a successful matching, we first meet to understand your project. After, we will propose you the best options. Easy.

We have your back.

Many people get disappointed in their search for land In Bali, and the often long and bumpy process.

With too many options, lack of good locations, fluctuating prices, lack of info, wrong size or legal problems.

We have experienced and found ways to deal with issues like this. This is why we now can say; We have your back.

3-Levels of Service.

Stefan Wetterholm, Founder

In Bali since 2015.
Former Leadership Agility Trainer
and Best Selling Author.


Are the land plots you are offered to big?

It’s not so easy find a smaller land plot in the right size up to 900m2. Most plots are mostly much bigger and more costly. So what to do?

Sign up for our plot-sharing program and we will invite you when we have a possible plot-sharing happening in your chosen area.


Land for development 1 000m2 up to 5 000m2.

To best support your construction project we’d like to start the process with meeting-up. For coffee or via Zoom.

Together we will look at possible locations, budget, zoning, building regulations, permits, land planning, soil test, ROI, financing, market research and possible legal issues.

Knowing more about your project will help us to suggest the best matching land. Listed, unlisted or parts of larger land plots.


Larger land for Investment and Development.

Get access to the premium locations in all popular and coming areas. We can also assist you with:

  • Finding the area and location that supports your project the best.
  • Comparing locations depending on your search profile, demographics and traffic situation.
  • How local future planning will affect your project.
  • Feasibility Studies.
  • Possible Financing.
  • Investor Presentations.
  • Presentation Videos.
  • Soil Testing, Topography & Geology Surveying.

The Team

Our Team is expanding to cover the premium land in all popular and coming areas of Bali.

Working directly with 400+ land owners.

Our mission is to help match your investment or construction project with the right land. And then assist you through all stages of making the deal. 

In order to successfully match your project with the right land, we need to start with an abundance of choice. This is why our team is working directly with 400+land owners, to constantly update our premium land list.

Also to best assist you to a safe and smooth process, our team is focused on bridging the understanding of the local culture and networking with property knowledge and international business practice.

Why work with BaliLandList on your next land deal?

  • We are highly specialized and focus on land only.
  • Our mission is to help match your construction project with the right land. And then assist you through all stages of the deal.
  • To be able to give you the best choices, we proactively list the premium land in all popular and coming areas.
  • We will also help you negotiate terms.
  • To give you the best service, our agile team is focused on bridging the understanding of local traditions and networking with property knowledge and western business practice.
  • Meaning being on time, communicating the correct info, creating options to move forward and keeping our process transparent.
  • In other words: Do our best to save you time and effort, in a safe and smooth process.

Don’t take our word for it.

Otmar Oliva
Otmar Oliva
Surf Trip, Czech
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Found the dream land for our Surfer Village Project. Even with a land dispute involving a bank, the BaliLandList-team came through for us! Thank you!
Dung Tran
Dung Tran
Restaurant Owner, The Netherlands
Read More
”It surprisen me what kind of villas I should focus on and what profits I could make. This gave me the confidence to sign for my land and start my project the day after our session.”
Greg Davies
Greg Davies
Sales Director, Australia
Read More
"Always love your work. Easy to find land and compare."
Katie Johnson
Katie Johnson
Analyst, Singapore
Read More
”Could not be happier. BaliLandList helped us find the best land and how to think about our first development.”
Laura Wilson
Laura Wilson
Videographer, England
Read More
”Excellent service. So easy to choose when presented with only premium options that fits our vision”
Chora Patel
Chora Patel
Land Developer, USA
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"Happy to finding it so easy to find my land."
Johan Jansson
Johan Jansson
Consultant, Sweden
Read More
"You really helped me Find My Land. Easy."

Keep Bali Green and Beautiful.

Bali is developing fast. We strongly feel that it’s important to support a green and beautiful community development.

As visitors we all come to Bali for its special magic.
Together with the Balinese people and the local Government, we all have a responsibility to actively work for keeping the magic and natural beauty of Bali alive.

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